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I provide tailored workshops to help teams think differently about communications.
Combining theory, real-world examples and hands-on application, my workshops give participants concrete skills to develop more creative, effective and human communications.

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Workshop: Storytelling to Drive Change

While I customize workshops to your specific needs, my most popular training is How to Use Storytelling to Drive Change.


This interactive workshop goes beyond the theory of “why storytelling is important” and provides a step-by-step framework to developing a compelling story that not only captivates audiences, but actually moves them to take action.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Understand what makes a story persuasive (hint: it’s not just about appealing to emotions.)

  • Learn the six elements your story needs to compel your audience

  • Discover the mistake most organizations make that keeps their audience from caring, and learn how to avoid it

  • Explore examples of persuasive storytelling in a variety of channels: websites, videos, brochures, etc.

  • Apply what you learn to your own communications campaigns

  • Gain research and facts that will help you convince leaders in your organization of the power of storytelling

Workshop outline

  1. Persuasive Storytelling: What it is and why you need it
    What makes a story persuasive? This introduction will explore the proven power of storytelling and explain why it should be at the heart of every communications campaign.

  2. What Makes a Story Compelling: How to captivate and convince your audience
    To convince your audience to take action, you first need to capture their attention and keep it on your message. We’ll explore how to rise above the noise to reach your audience, and then make them care what you have to say.

  3. How to Tell A Story: The 6 elements every story needs
    In this section, we’ll look at how the traditional elements of a good story apply to professional communications. We’ll learn the six elements every persuasive story needs, and find out which one most organizations get wrong.

  4. Putting It All Together: Applying the strategies of persuasive storytelling to your campaigns
    Throughout the workshop, your team will apply what they’re learning to current or future communications projects. By the end of the workshop, they’ll have captured their creative ideas and made tangible steps towards developing their next campaign.

“The workshop was very helpful for using storytelling as a strategic tool and finding new and impactful ways to engage with our staff. We appreciated the different case studies, as well as applying the storytelling framework to one of our current projects.”
— Eros Bosisio, Head of Internal Communication, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

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