The Project:

A mid-sized B2B company wanted to change their corporate culture to match the new CEO’s strategy and vision. They brought me on board to write the new vision, mission and values, but quickly realized that a much broader change management initiative was necessary.

The Work:

Working with the CEO, Communications Director and the rest of the Senior Management team, I helped develop, roll-out and reinforce the new vision, mission and values.

To start, we put words to the new culture. Through a series of workshops and meetings with senior management, I got to the heart of what the company stood for and where they wanted to go to create the content that would be the foundation of the new culture.

We then mapped out an internal and external communications strategy to roll-out the new vision, mission and values and inspire cultural change in the organization. Through a combination of strategic consulting, content creation and workshop facilitation, I helped develop and drive the change management strategy, which included:

  • New culture video introducing the vision, mission and values

  • TED Talk-style speech for the CEO to use during the unveiling event

  • Headquarters “takeover” where key messages were painted on the walls of the office and used in the building’s external facade

  • Communications toolkit for middle management to help turn managers into advocates for change

  • Workshop (which I facilitated) for middle management to help them understand and lead the change

  • Online course for employees and new hires to better understand the vision, mission and values

  • Updated corporate brochure that aimed to both inform and inspire

  • Corporate presentation that incorporated the new brand messaging and strategy

  • Presentation deck for the CEO to use to share the new direction with senior management

  • Web copy for the corporate site to launch the external roll-out of the new culture

  • Updated boilerplate that reflected the new brand and vision

  • Emails from leadership and intranet stories regarding the change

  • Job description template to attract talent that shared new company values

The Outcome:

While we are still tracking the long-term impact of the campaign, the launch and subsequent initiatives have already led to shifts in the company culture. Employees have shown excitement about the change, while middle management has taken a leadership role in helping their team integrate the new vision, mission and values into their work.

From the Communications Director:
“The whole launch week was magic: everything went super smoothly and the launch event was a success. We got lots of positive feedback and compliments from everybody. Employees were enthusiastic and there was an incredible atmosphere in the building. The CEO was delighted. :)

I would like to thank you once again for all the work you have done to make this project a success. Without you, your professionalism, talent and enthusiasm, none of this would have been possible. Well done, Elissa!”