The Project:

The Swiss affiliate of an international non-profit organization wanted to ramp up their fundraising efforts among foundations and companies, as well as private individuals. The client had no existing case for support or investment case to use when approaching potential donors.

The Work:

Working with the CEO, I developed messaging that would showcase the organization's impact, enticing companies and foundations to want to support its projects. I pared down the technical speak and leveraged emotional language to appeal to other organizations who shared the same vision as my client. 

Using those key messages, I developed fundraising and brand-building tools, including:

  • A Case for Support to send to potential donors and use in meetings

  • A fundraising brochure to hand out at events

  • A project list for donors and grant applications

  • Web copy for individual focus areas

  • Letters asking donors for support and/or thanking them for their contribution

The Outcome:

Within a month of finalizing the Case for Support, my client secured a substantial, multi-year contribution from a new donor-- one of the most significant donations in their history. Additionally, the fundraising letters I wrote consistently garnered record donations.