The Project:

An international public-private partnership wanted to attract more high-profile private sector partners, including leading corporations in a variety of industries.

The Work:

Working with the client, I assessed existing communications and discovered that the style being used was "development speak," which wouldn't appeal to the CEO’s and executives the organization was targeting.

Using my experience in Fortune 50 corporations, I developed new key messages that would position my client as a partner that could advance a company's business strategy. I highlighted the potential benefits of partnership from a business perspective and changed the style to appeal to the busy executive, while still ensuring alignment with corporate guidelines.

Using those key messages, I created a communications strategy that included a series of targeted tools the team could use when pitching potential partners, including:

  • A pitch deck for meetings

  • Corporate brochure geared towards the private sector

  • Specialized hand-outs and case studies for specific partner interests

  • Web copy for the corporate website

The Outcome:

The team now has a consistent, compelling message, as well as a clear value proposition when speaking to potential partners. 

They also have professional marketing tools and investment cases to use at meetings and events. The materials have garnered a positive response from partners and have helped my client expand its partner base